East Grinstead Memorial Estate Limited

A new logo for the East Grinstead Memorial Estate Limited
In 1944, a local philanthropist, Alfred Wagg, bought most of the grounds of East Court Estate. In 1949, he gifted these grounds to the people of East Grinstead to commemorate the tragic loss of life of local people during the 2nd World War. East Grinstead Memorial Estate Ltd was then established as a charity to:

To provide and maintain, as a memorial to the men, women and children of East Grinstead who lost their lives in the 1939-45 war, a public park with playing fields, recreation grounds, or other recreational or educational facilities for the general public and in particular the people of East Grinstead.

To encourage and promote any form of public recreation or education or any other charitable object, including by the making of grants for the benefit of the people of East Grinstead.

Illustration – Olfa Cutter

Adobe Illustrator vector drawing
This cutter is just so nicely made that I had to draw it. Mad? Perhaps; but when something is nice to use, looks good, and has had some thought put into it, it deserves notice. Well, that’s what I think anyway…